We stand on the principal of humanity to express the care for the sick, homeless, poor and needy people around us to make their living comfortable.


Unity For Charity is a voluntary organization founded by Adithya Neeli in 2001 and got registered in 2007.Since the times of our beginning we strictly focused on providing education to orphans and semi orphans,Old aged helpless, Homeless beggars, Diseased (particularly AIDS infected) , Child laborers, physically/mentally/visually challenged, drug and alcohol addicted people and to make them better by putting them a better atmosphere where they can survive with a smile till their last breath with personal, financial and social care.

Our target is to provide permanent food and shelter for homeless, poor and needy people of all ages and transform them into a level of self sustainment without any discrimination of sex, caste, creed, religion and region.


We are very sure that every human being is gifted with kind and charitable heart. We are keeping all efforts in uniting such humans together to execute the alarming tasks efficiently and in time. We work as a team with the fullest involvement of individual to reach the common goal of helping the needy people. In one way, We directly deal with needy people and take necessary action or connect them to respective helpers/NGO’s/ donors at times to fulfill the tasks.

We heartily welcome volunteers of all ages to join us to care and share with the poor and needy..