Aims & Objectives

aim & objectives
  • Women and child welfare, main focus on saving the girl child.
  • To provide shelter and education for orphaned children.
  • Inculcating street children, child laborers, motivating them, join them in our organization / in schools and homes that looks after them.
  • Awareness on AIDS, Contraception (birth control) and cancer especially to the destitute, illiterates and rescue the infected.
  • Pathetic beggars (destitute) & un-reached pathetic patents to our hospital / deserved hospitals / homes that looks after them.
  • Medical camps and awareness programs on AIDS and other diseases in slums and rural areas.
  • Visiting village‚Äôs & slums, arranging awareness programs on education (especially for school dropouts), health and wealth, family counseling.
  • Training programs for men & women.
  • Arranging paper presentations, quizzes, paintings, cultural events competitions and recreation programs in government schools, orphanages, and un-reached homes and slums.
  • Needy programs according to signs of the times & Rehabilitation to the needy.